Creative Walks by Marcus John Henry Brown

Creative Walks: The River Isar (route 1)

MJHB Creative Walks

Difficulty level: easy. The Isar is Germany’s 4th longest river. It’s also perfect for creative walks. It starts life in the Austrian Alps eventually giving up and committing river suicide 295 km later where it joins the Danube. It carves its way through the heart of Munich and offers locals enough space to sunbathe on its stony shores. Thousands of joggers …

Creatives Walks by Marcus John Henry Brown

Creative Walks: Rodgau City Forest

MJHB Creative Walks

Activity level: Easy. Christmas is over and it’s nearly the new year. I’m writing this sat in the kitchen of my in-laws after another excellent Christmas and a nice batch of creative walks with my wife in Rodgau’s City Forest. I love this forest. It’s a stone’s throw away from where my wife grew up and it is the place …

Content will kill your agency - Marcus John Henry Brown

Content Will Kill Your Agency – Revised

MJHB Creative Intelligence

On the 12th December 2007, I sat down and wrote a blog post called “content will kill your agency”. Some of you may remember it. That’s eight years ago tomorrow. To my knowledge, content has not killed a single agency.The initial post became a tiny series of three and they caused quite a stir at the time. They’ve long been …

Creative Walks by Marcus John Henry Brown

Creative Walks. Ideas: Step by Step.

MJHB Creative Walks

Offices: The place where ideas go to die. I hate offices. I hate the physical, psychological, political and emotional structures of offices and I have always found it incredibly difficult to concentrate, let alone focus on or create fantastic ideas in them. My loathing for offices is only topped by my utter contempt for conference rooms with their air of …

Using Artefact Cards to build The Parallel.

Behind the curtain – making of The Parallel.

MJHB The Black Operatives Department

I’ve been asked to talk at an event in Berlin this coming November and I’m quite excited about it. Philip and Jens asked me if I would be interested in doing „something about algorithms that go shopping, something a bit weird. You do weird, can you do it for us?“, during a lunch break at this year’s re:publica and I …

One Year of Marcus John Henry Brown

One year later.


A year ago this coming Friday I signed the papers that founded my little company. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that I’m not only still going but appear to be doing rather well and I’m pleased to say that I’m honestly enjoying the experience of owning and running my own business. It’s not all been plain sailing, obviously but …

No excuses.


I’m asked quite regularly to speak at conferences. It is something I really enjoy doing and I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at some really special events. There is something of a “speaking circuit” out there, (people actually have speaking agents – I don’t) and you’ll often spot the same old faces talking about the same old things in adverts …

re:publica 2015


I was lucky enough to speak at the re:publica last week. The re:publica is kind of a three day conference, happening, event and I really enjoy going there. It’s quite big: this year they had 7000 visitors from 23 different countries. 44% of the visitors weren’t male. They had a wonderful little play area for kids right bang in the …

Ray Cokes and Marcus Brown

Creative collaboration with Ray Cokes.


You may have noticed that I very rarely speak about the work I do and who I’m working for or with. I tend to leave the press releases, pitch win announcements and award ceremonies to the others. You could be forgiven for thinking that The Black Operative Collection isn’t in fact a work of fiction but actually what I do …