Online Marketing Rockstars 2015

You should maybe go to the next Online Marketing Rockstars


There is one very important and glaringly obvious thing that’s needs to be discussed before I knuckle down and write the rest of what I’m presuming will be a surprisingly positive post about an online marketing conference. As Peter Breuer pointed out, it is very difficult to say the name of the conference without bursting out laughing and you’d be hard …

Creative Walks by Marcus John Henry Brown

Creative Walks: The Alps. Not Apps.

MJHB Creative Walks

I’ve lived in Germany for coming up to 22 years now. I came here a day after finishing my degree with nothing but a suitcase and was lucky enough to quickly settle in, find a job and slowly but surely take my first steps towards becoming an adult. I was and have been incredibly fortunate and can look back at …

MJHB For the old in Advertising

For the old in advertising


Originally published on Medium. I must admit that I am a little surprised by the amount of attention “for the young” has been receiving, and it would be ungrateful and impolite not to say a quick word of thanks to all those who have shared, liked and recommended the post: thank you all. Here, however, is a post for the …

MJHB on for the young of the intdustry

For the young in advertising


Posted originally on Medium. 2017 update. This post seems to be attracting some attention again (many thanks to those of you who have rediscovered and shared it). In the interest of fairness, I also wrote something for the aged working in the industry which you can find here. If you’re young and work in advertising, marketing or PR, then there’s …