Go idea hunting in the Bavarian Alps.

Creative Walks have been designed specifically for entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives who are looking for exceptional strategies and ideas for their brands, businesses, and products.


One day, one route, a task and your own personal creative consultant. I’m there to make sure that you go back to work with an exceptional idea. We only take one task with us on our idea hunt. Using old fashioned things such as pens, paper and the gentle art of conversation, we’ll use creative walks to work out how to solve the problem and complete the task at hand – walking all the while.


I help you develop marketing and advertising campaigns for existing or new products and services


We pack our things and look for product ideas and strategies high up in the mountains.


We walk and talk and find the right answers to difficult business questions.

Creative Walks – Get out of the Office Trap.

Creative walks give you time to think, to plan, to breathe and to develop ideas without the constant interruption the office. Ideas need time to mature, so each walk takes about eight hours: eight hours of fresh alpine air and every minute of it spent in the arms of Mother Nature. Away from whiteboards, flipcharts and PowerPoint.


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