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About Marcus John Henry Brown's The Passing.

“Unlike anything I had seen before. Part performance, part lecture (and parody) it was like watching a live TED meets ‘Black Mirror’ Live special. Terrifying as it was refreshingly original.“ - Forbes

The Coalition ballroom was packed with four hundred noisy fifteen-year-olds. Johnston hated every single one of them. His brand had been slowly slipping for years, and this once successful education influencer had been reduced to giving the adult introduction seminar to children on the eve of their Passing. Had he not be loyal? Had he not consumed double, no, triple the recommended dosage of Brandsulin and Flucermol? Had he not tried harder than anyone to build his personal brand?

Johnston stepped out onto the stage and remained quite motionless until he was quite sure that he had their undivided attention. 

Set in 2059, The Passing is a performance that explores a society designed by advertising executives, biochemists, spies, startups and fashion bloggers, the worst possible people to take on building a better world for us all to live in.  The Passing describes a future where too much time and trust have been placed in the products of middle-upper class white men: The Coalition. 

These men came for us: first, they came for our labour, then they came for our money, then they came for our attention and now they’re demanding our obedience. They teased us with the tools for fame, fortune and influence but they hooked us up to compliance and control. In their world “shopping is freedom”, and influence is king, currency and law. They’ve built products such as Hot Homes, Brandsulin and Flucermol to sedate us and created a nanotech chemical algorithm called RACHEL - the one algorithm to rule us all. It sounds like science fiction, but it is all very close to what we’re experiencing today. We’ve become addicted to being controlled. 

The Passing asks the audience to imagine a much better future than the one the performance describes. Marcus genuinely wants us to have a long hard think about the trajectory that our society is taking and how our relationship with technology, media and the never-ending cult of influence is propelling us towards something darker than we have ever known.




Marcus John Henry Brown has performed The Passing at internal business events, agency off-sites, International conferences and festivals. If you are looking to challenge your audience, challenge their thinking and how they see and contribute to the world: if you're looking for that extra something, then The Passing is a perfect fit for your event.


The Passing is exactly 27 minutes long. It is a tightly scripted performance hack that was written specifically for conference and festival stages. It can't be adapted and it isn't possible to shorten it for shorter time slots.


A famous rapper once said "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" and although Marcus John Henry Brown may not be a rapper, he sees his art and his performances as a business. He also assumes that you will be looking at your event as a business too. If you do not have a budget for your event, if you are not prepared to pay the people you will be using to advertise your event - the people who will hopefully delight and inspire your paying audience then Marcus would kindly ask you from getting in touch.


Marcus John Henry Brown sees the audiences for The Passing as being primarily business, technology or culturally interested audiences who want to experience something different. He doesn't want to change the minds of artists, gallery owners or museum curators. He wants to have an impact on the people who are having a real and very tangible effect on our everyday lives and he wants to challenge our own subservience to the products and services that these people are creating.


The Passing is a dark performance hack that slowly but surely pulls the audience into the world of The Coalition and world ruled by technology and influence. It's a confusing world that feels so real and so close to the world in which we live today but it's also a nonsense world: a through-the-looking-glass world where everything is plastic, perfect and dangerous. 

It's the combination of stock imagery, film and the kind of music that you might find in start-up pitch decks with the onboarding rhetoric of HR best practise coupled with the darkness of a totalitarian society based on the corporate values of The Coalition that makes The Passing an unforgettable experience. 


A performance hack feels like a keynote, it looks like a keynote and it sounds like a keynote. The audience expects a keynote but gets something completely different. The performances mainly take place at business and technology conferences/festivals: places where I think my work should and needs to be seen. The content: the visuals, the framing, the sound, the text and the performance hacks the conference format and having a leads to a greater impact on the audience. These performance hacks confront, polarise and excite.



Would you like to book Marcus John Henry Brown's The Passing, The Sensorium Process, FLEX or CHEMISTRY for your business event, Festival or conference? Would you like to find out how he can mentor you and your staff or teach you the secrets of keynote speaking? You can reach him here.

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