You may or may not have noticed that I’ve moved into a studio. That’s right, I’ve moved out of my home office and into a bigger space, with more room to do bigger things. I’ll introduce you all to the studio properly next month, but what I can tell you is that it’s more than just a working space; it’s the set for my new piece, which will premiere this may at the re:publica and it’s the new home for speakery. The performance is called HUSTLETOLOGY, and my studio is Joseph Blasphemous’ office, his virtual temple; it’s his HUSTLECAVE.


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There’s a complete description of HUSTLETOLOGY over on the re:publica website. This is what it’s about:

Joseph Blasphemous is widely considered to be Europe’s leading Business Magician, a branch of consulting that he himself invented. His practice was once thought of as business methodology, but it is now seen as a religion, and Joseph, the Grand Cardmaster, is worshipped by every practising Hustletologist. But his time has come. He is old. His Hustle is weary. A new Cardmaster must be found.

As I mention in the video, HUSTLETOLOGY is a mix of film, drawings, paintings and live/virtual 1-to-1 performances that I’d like to talk about today. 


The primary performance will take place at some point during the late afternoon of May 22nd. There will be smaller things happening throughout the re:publica, too (keep your eyes peeled for them), but I’m planning something very special for the morning of the 22nd. HUSTLESTORMS!

A HUSTLESTORM is a personal, 1-to-1 performance and a live card reading with Joseph Blasphemous. Yes, Joseph is looking for a new card master and is looking for people whose Hustle is worthy. Let the succession planning begin!

That might be you.

Do you have what it takes to sip HUSTLEJUICE from the foundation of prosperity? Can you shuffle, cut and turn the cards, speak the business spells and find the business treasures? Then book your HUSTLESTORM today!

There are 5 in total, with only one ticket available for each event.


  1. Your twenty-minute, 1-to-1 performance will take place on ZOOM (this may change).
  2. Marcus will contact and brief you before your HUSTLESTORM.
  3. Important: The session will/might be live-streamed to YouTube; recorded footage will be used in the primary performance later in the afternoon.
  4. You look lovely.
  5. You have what it takes.
  6. A HUSTLEPRENEUR never stops. Even when they reach the top.

Are you still interested? Then be quick and book your ticket now.

  1. HUSTLESTORM 1: May 22nd 10:00hrs CET
  2. HUSTLESTORM 2: May 22nd 10:30hrs CET
  3. HUSTLESTORM 3: May 22nd 11:00hrs CET
  4. HUSTLESTORM 4: May 22nd 11:30hrs CET
  5. HUSTLESTORM 5: May 22nd 12:00hrs CET

The set is nearly finished, and the props have been made. There’s an eighty-page pile of poem with HUSTLETOLOGY written on the cover, and it’s sitting on my desk. The script is coming together, and filming begins next week. I’m stupidly about HUSTLETOLOGY and where it will take me. I hope you can be a part of it.

Hurry up. It’s time.