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CONTROL is the first part of a set of performances that I'm calling "Antidotal Stories", and it will premiere at D:PULSE on the 21st of August in Zürich. When I sat down with Christian Muche to discuss what he and his business partner Frank Schneider were planning to do with D:PULSE, it became apparent that they are trying to build something different.

They want to challenge. They want to challenge the conference format, challenge themselves, their speakers (they've curated an impressive lineup) and challenge their audiences which is all right up my street.

Inspired by all of this challenging, I decided to have a long hard look at the performances I was making. The Passing Trilogy is notoriously dark as is CHEMISTRY. Where these pieces offer solutions to the problems facing the world, none of the answers given is particularly hopeful. So I decided it was time to try something else and I'm calling it CONTROL.

So what is CONTROL?

CONTROL is a performance that examines the concept of hope. CONTROL is a call to the hopeful, the brave and the interconnected. CONTROL is a performance for all who care about and want to have a positive impact on the future. CONTROL is a performance that focuses on the need for hope and the struggle to find optimism in a world that feels bleaker and more desperate than ever before. It is a personal intervention. I explore my own battles with what I call the dark side, my love and the irresistibility of dystopia and why I find it is challenging to grasp hope in a world that feels as if it were spiralling out of control.

I'll write about the process and challenges of creating CONTROL at a later date (the photo shoot for the poster with the marvelous Raimund Verspohl, for example), but I've not found it easy. I've had to work harder and think more: think about the way I look at the world and the kind of stories I tell. I've struggled with it, but I think the performance is better for it, which means, at least in terms of D: PULSE's impact on me, Christian and Frank have achieved their goal.

You can still grab a ticket here if you'd like to come and see it. I'd love to see you there. Do come and say hello.

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