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This post explores why experience is such an important part of the creative process and is part of my Creative Intelligence Archive Series. I hope you enjoy it. I left school when I was 16, skipped sixth form college and A-Levels, choosing to spend the next seven years working my way through various design and art courses. Portsmouth College of …

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An introduction to the Creative Intelligence Archive

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  A memory from the hill. Once, many years ago (twenty-seven, to be precise), I was sitting in the canteen of Dartington College of Arts, prodding at a dubious lasagne with a fork, when a group of my theatre friends staggered into the room. They were in a sorry state: limping, moaning and supporting each other as they made their …

Office for Creative Intelligence - Marcus John Henry Brown

Office for Creative Intelligence

MJHB Creative Intelligence

The decision to set up my own business was probably one of the best that I’ve ever made. I’ve found the past two and a half years deeply rewarding. I have a broad range of exciting clients, and I’m rather proud of the work I’ve been asked to do for them. Have there been stumbles, trip-ups and moments of uncertainty? …

Marcus John Henry Brown Twitter Lettersets

Twitter Lettersets. An Idea for Twitter.

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I like Twitter. I’ve been using it since 2007. I’m not a power user, my business does not depend on it and the world will continue to turn without it should it succumb, stumble and eventually perish during the oncoming start-up bubble explosion. Yes, we can live without Twitter, but I’d rather not and as I’m concerned for its financial wellbeing …

Content will kill your agency - Marcus John Henry Brown

Content Will Kill Your Agency – Revised

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On the 12th December 2007, I sat down and wrote a blog post called “content will kill your agency”. Some of you may remember it. That’s eight years ago tomorrow. To my knowledge, content has not killed a single agency.The initial post became a tiny series of three and they caused quite a stir at the time. They’ve long been …