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Speaker training sessions in Munich 2019. Photo: Daniel Fürg

Mixing of performance art and commercial keynote speaking

I've always been interested in contexts and the role of the artist in society. I'm fascinated by the relationship between the artist and their audience. I'm often asked why it is that I perform my work on conference or festival stages. I choose to do it because I want my messages to be heard by people who are having the most significant impact on society. I want to build a relationship with and disrupt the conventional thinking of business people and have described my work as hacking business conferences with performance art.

If you are looking to set yourself apart from others on stage you must work with Marcus. He takes the view of the audience and is incredibly thorough when it comes to giving feedback to enhance your presentation and stage presence. Presenting can be scary, uncomfortable, but Marcus takes that fear, flips it on its head, and creates a storyline together with you that you will be excited to deliver. Sandra Proske Director, Global Communications - F-Secure

But I always do this within the context of the event and the theme that they have chosen.

One of the advantages of the performances that I do is that I get to experiment with what you can and cannot get away with on a conference stage. A degree of confidence comes from my art education, but a more significant chunk of know-how comes from years of pitching and presenting corporate presentations within a commercial context and these two things inform my arts practice.

Carefully putting together a story. Photo: Daniel Fürg

So for the past five years, I've been experimenting with these two ways of working and have developed a format that I now call performance hacks. I've learned a lot about what you can, and cannot do on a stage, and I've pushed the boundaries further than most (so that you don't have to).

It only took a whiff of an idea to fuel Marcus' brain. The rest was intuition. From the very first second, there is this proper sense of the situation and a high level of mutual understanding and empathy. Safeguarded in such a way it was easy letting oneself go and letting oneself drop, realizing that what you need for a successful presentation is already within you. Florian Blaschke Head of content/account - Sparkasse-Finanzportal

I know what works. I know what doesn't work.

I've been passing on some of these insights for the last 18 months in master classes. These master classes have been held under the radar for one of my favourite mentorship clients who asked me if I would be interested in helping their speakers. It turns out that I enjoy speaker training nearly as much as performing on stage myself, and so I've decided to roll it out as a service to a broader audience and you can now hire me, book your own master class and become a more confident speaker.

Working on how to learn and practice a keynote. Photo: Daniel Fürg
The speaker training with Marcus was a truly extraordinary experience. He managed to not only teach me techniques for structuring my presentations, but to really transform the way I now think about speaking. Annabelle Atchison CEO & Founder of 42 Ponies

So what happens in an MJHB speaker training session?

Here are some of the things that I typically cover in my master classes:

  • Finding and developing the one idea

  • Story theory and how to structure your presentation into something that keeps an audience engaged and event organisers will want to put on their stage

  • How to practice and learn your presentation

  • Understanding and surviving the conference stage

  • Getting the most out of with photographers and videographers

  • Body language, posture and voice

  • Timing

  • How to push yourself to perform instead of just surviving

  • Deconstructing and re-organising your existing presentations

All of which I've learned from hacking business conferences with performance art.

Understanding the context of the stage. Photo: Daniel Fürg

Choose your master class.

There are three types of speaker training sessions, and they are available for both individuals and companies and in English or German:

  1. 2-hour sessions for beginners (DE/ENG)

  2. 1/2-day courses for beginners and intermediates (DE/ENG)

  3. 1-day sessions for intermediate and advanced speakers (DE/ENG)

I take these sessions very seriously and work the speakers hard. But that doesn't mean that these courses aren't fun: they're intimate, 1-to-1 sessions that really dig into what the person wants to achieve and what they want to say. It's fun for both sides. It's also genuinely rewarding to see one of my flock standing on a conference stage, putting to practice what they've learned, and smashing a keynote out of the ballpark.

1-to-1 speaker coaching. Photo: Daniel Fürg
Marcus' ability to push you to your limits and still make you feel comfortable doing it is one of the many things I appreciated at the training. He has an eye for the small details that make a difference. The training helped me find strategies to work with my personality and bring out the best of it on stage. Christine Himmelberg Resource Manager - We Are Social

Want to learn more?

Please get in touch if you, your conference or your business is interested in booking a speaker master class with me. Just drop me at masterclass [at] marcusjohnhenrybrown [dot] com. I'd be delighted to discuss what you want to achieve and put together an individual training proposal for you.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel as I'll be producing a series of very high level videos that look at the very basics of delivering a killer presentation.

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