Zombie Apocalypse Marcus John Henry Brown

Zombie Apocalypse and other peak pixel fantasies.

MJHB The Black Operatives Department

I’ve started scripting my talks, writing them out longhand, typing them up and performing them directly from the script. This has become part of my talking format, and it seems to work for me. I spoke at Silicon Beach in Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago, and as my talk wasn’t filmed I’ve decided to post the script here. I’ve …

Using Artefact Cards to build The Parallel.

Behind the curtain – making of The Parallel.

MJHB The Black Operatives Department

I’ve been asked to talk at an event in Berlin this coming November and I’m quite excited about it. Philip and Jens asked me if I would be interested in doing „something about algorithms that go shopping, something a bit weird. You do weird, can you do it for us?“, during a lunch break at this year’s re:publica and I …