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The Kaiser Heat

Some of you may know that many years ago, I created a character called The Kaiser. He wrote angrily about advertising, marketing and something called social media. He was fun to write and being him saved me from losing my mind: slipping in and out of character is an excellent way of protecting sanity when you’re stuck in a job that is sucking the very soul out of your body.

I liked being The Kaiser for several reasons: he hung out digitally with the advertising hoi polloi or “The Plannersphere” as it was then called, and great friendships have developed from that time. I loved his anger too. It was wonderful to be able to channel my own dissatisfaction with my life into his disdain for the state of the advertising industry.

I stopped writing The Kaiser because, as with so many bloggers (with the exception perhaps of Rob Campbell), I run out of things to say. My life moved on and eventually took a happier turn, I landed back in an agency, left that and started out on my own with my little business and the performances. The necessity to channel the anger disappeared, and with it, so did The Kaiser.

He’s back, though. Not because I’m angry per se, but because the character has found an opportunity for anger. I don’t want to give too much away, but The Kaiser has been watching LinkedIn during these crazy times and, boy, he’s not happy. He’s been reading all the books and boy he’s not happy about the words. So he’s decided to bring the heat, The Kaiser Heat and as of next week, he’ll be bringing the heat, live and direct to Twitch in something I’m calling The Blood Money Readings which you can ”watch” here: https://www.twitch.tv/thekaiserheat

I very much hope that you will join him.

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