The Post-Pandemic Keynote

The Post-Pandemic Keynote

The format with no name

I’ve created a new format. It doesn’t have a name yet. It’s a mix of performance, informative presentation, Twitch-stream and gameshow. I performed it for the first time last week for a tech company and the feedback was “we’ve never seen anything like this before… our intranet is on fire“… which is a good sign, I suppose. It’s fun, people learn stuff and get inspired… it’s even optimistic.

The performance is called: The Post-Pandemic Keynote – and I’m available for bookings. This is what it’s about:

The Post-Pandemic Keynote – Synopsis

The pandemic challenged us to reconsider how we present ideas to audiences. Artists, musicians, actors, keynote speakers and business leaders needed to rethink their practice and processes to adapt to a purely virtual world. But as the cogs of daily life and commerce slowly begin to turn again, what lessons can we take with us back into the old normal? The performance explores the presentation highs and the lows of the past 18-months and takes a look at a new emerging format that works both on and offline. Part presentation, part performance, part game show The Post-Pandemic Keynote uses the thinking behind the speakery manifesto to give audiences a glimpse at how anyone can amaze and inspire audiences anywhere in the world.

That sound like fun right?

The Post-Pandemic Keynote – FAQ

  1. How long does it last?
    You book me for a total of 60-minutes. The performance itself lasts 15-minutes with 45-minutes reserved for Q&A. Trust me, there will be questions
  2. How does it work?
    The performance is streamed live from my studio here in Taufkirchen, Germany. It works in any video conference software.
  3. How many people can watch?
    As many people as you wish can watch and take part in the hour.
  4. Can we record the performance?
    No. You can’t record the performance but I’m more than happy for you to record the Q&A

If you’d like to find out more about The Post-Pandemic Keynote, how to book it and what it costs, then please feel to block a 15-minute slot in my calendar using the widget below.