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About Marcus John Henry Brown's FLEX

London. 2021

They have come in their hundreds to see him speak, The Unrequited. They have come to seek guidance, to find the light and take themselves to the next level. He will show them the way through the Sensorium Process, that final trial to prove that they have the skills, the knowledge and a brand strong enough to escape the island and enter into the coalition network. They have watched his pay-for-view-streams, bought his bible and now they are here to see him at this, his spectacular live show. They are the final batch, for the final Sensorium test. Tyler is quite literally their last chance.

Tyler: the man with the X on his face.

His gospel is quite simple: abandon the clutter of thought, be a rich network brand and embrace his model of living: FLEX.

FLEX is the fame, the name of the game: the things we desire, the thing we all so very dearly need. FLEX is the lean: lean of body, of mind, of sleep. It is the total focus upon the network and the needs of the coalition. FLEX is engagement, the thrill of the hustle, the giving of it all, the stepping over of bodies, the cutting to the thrust: the maximum and the everything. It is the joy of never being alone, of being connected, observed, entwined and utterly neural. And FLEX is the X that marks the spot, the secret sauce, the magic and the glory of the cult of you, the place where experience means nothing at all.

FLEX is the law. Fail and stay on The Island and remain Unrequited.

It is the programme, the one true direction. It’s an addiction. It is your brand-right. It guides you, brands you, and you brand it. FLEX is a picture, a sign, the signifier: the image of you, designed by you. It is the framework upon which we offer each other unto each other.

FLEX is the word. And the word is final.

Part satire, part dystopian theatre, FLEX takes the audience on a dark journey that explores the future of snackable personalities, the branding of entrepreneurial struggle, hustle culture of modern corporate society and the rise of media gurus. It examines how they are impacting society, politics, the companies we work for, the shops we buy from and the lives of our children.


It is funny, dark and a parable of our times. It’s a warning too, as it imagines a society built upon the values of marketing and influencer culture, the collapse of political integrity and the march towards sovereign individualism. FLEX is a confrontation: the audience becomes THE UNREQUITED with Brown playing his strangest character yet, Tyler X, a man driven by ego and an unrelenting self-belief and fierce loyalty to the system that empowers him, a system he created: a system called THE COALITION.  




Marcus John Henry Brown has performed FLEX only once. It is the third and final part of The Passing trilogy and was written and produced specifically for the re:publica festival in Berlin. It is more than a performance hack: it is a fall on performance and is far more challenging both for Marcus and the audience. If the total run time of 60 minutes doesn't scare you then maybe it FLEX might fit. 


FLEX is a 45-minute performance hack. The audience is thrown into something that feels like a pop-video from the 1980s mashed up with some freakish start-up guru bullshit. It has been written in the form of a concept album/12-inch extended re-mix and contains 14 “songs” which are called “The 14 stations of FLEX”. It is the third and final part of The Passing trilogy, a series that looks at the role of technology, entrepreneurs, multi-national technology companies and tech investors are have on contemporary society. It’s loud, funny and dark.


A famous rapper once said "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" and although Marcus John Henry Brown may not be a rapper, he sees his art and his performances as a business. He also assumes that you will be looking at your event as a business too. If you do not have a budget for your event, if you are not prepared to pay the people you will be using to advertise your event - the people who will hopefully delight and inspire your paying audience then Marcus would kindly ask you from getting in touch.


FLEX has been written for the bravest of audiences. Marcus sees them as being primarily business, technology or culturally interested audiences who want to experience something different. He doesn't want to change the minds of artists, gallery owners or museum curators. He wants to have an impact on the people who are having a real and very tangible effect on our everyday lives and he wants to challenge our own subservience to the products and services that these people are creating.


FLEX is a fast-paced performance that is loud, dark, scary and fun: a rollercoaster ride inside of the head of one of the darkest antagonists the world has ever seen. The audience is trapped in the fifty-year-old mind of a man who has quite literally drunk too much of his own kool-aid and listened to far too much Frankie Goes To Holywood.


A performance hack feels like a keynote, it looks like a keynote and it sounds like a keynote. The audience expects a keynote but gets something completely different. The performances mainly take place at business and technology conferences/festivals: places where I think my work should and needs to be seen. The content: the visuals, the framing, the sound, the text and the performance hacks the conference format and having a leads to a greater impact on the audience. These performance hacks confront, polarise and excite.



Would you like to book Marcus John Henry Brown's The Passing, The Sensorium Process, FLEX or CHEMISTRY for your business event, Festival or conference? Would you like to find out how he can mentor you and your staff or teach you the secrets of keynote speaking? You can reach him here.

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