Marcus John Henry Brown The Grand Cardmaster Series: Business Spell 87. The Breakeven Beast Cometh.

You can now buy business spells

If you follow me on Instagram (please follow me on Instagram), you will have noticed that I’m currently working on my character studies for the new performance. I’m very much enjoying the process, and having the studio really makes a difference to the work. 

The feedback I’ve received about the images has been very positive, and my artist’s bone has been tickled enough to start thinking about an exhibition. I’m calling the images The Grand Cardmaster Series. 

People have also asked if they can buy them. Well, you can. 

You can now order prints. Limited runs. I believe they’re called drops. Here are the details:

  • Each image is a Business Spell, 60 x 40cm in size and printed on beautiful Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Pearl paper.
  • The Business Spell is framed with an oak frame and Mirogard museums glass.
  • The final, framed image is 73,7 x 53,7 cm.
  • I’ll be having them made on-demand (I’m using White Wall. Absolutley delighted with the quality), so expect an 8-10 days delivery period. 

I’m limiting each drop. There will be 11 prints of each Business Spell, with 10 available for purchase (the 11th remaining in my archive).

They’ll all be signed and come with a certificate of authenticity. NFTs of the images are not currently available, but owners will be informed five days before anyone else if I decide to mint them.  


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Drop one includes three business spells. 

If you would like to find out more and buy one simply send an email to mail (at) marcusjohnhenrybrown (dot) com.