The Office.

MJHB is an office for Creative Intelligence, founded by Marcus John Henry Brown in 2014. Situated in the heart of the Munich, the office works discreetly with local, national and international clients, deploying the creative intelligence process to find answers for product, service, HR, sales, communication and digital transformation questions.

Frequently answered questions.

How do we transform our business? What is our digital value proposition?What kind of products should we be making? Who are my customers? Where are my customers and how do I reach them? How do we win more business? How do we attract more talent? What kind of talent should we be looking for? How can we win this pitch? What kind of a company should we be? How do we create digital content?

What should our social media strategy be? How do I build a conference? How do we position our brand in social media? How could we drive innovation in our company? How could I be a better manager, CEO, public speaker? How do we help our staff embrace day to day creativity? What’s our next big thing?

Creative Intelligence uses the creative process to transform businesses and their results.

The Creative Intelligence Process.

MJHB helps companies, teams, and individuals to embrace the discipline of uncovering unexpected answers.

Marcus John Henry Brown MJHB office for creative intelligence

The Archive

The ongoing discipline of filling inquisitive minds with inspiration.

The Harvest

Researching the known, uncovering the unknown. Harvesting and combining both.

The Hunt

A churning of the facts, inspiration and intuition.

The Incubator

Strategic procrastination: a safety zone for fragile answers and ideas.

The Draft

The birth of the answer: the rough gem of an idea.

The Build

The integration of the answer into the business environment.

Marcus John Henry Brown office for Creative Intelligence

Products for finding answers.

The office offers a range of products that can be booked separately or combined to fit your answer finding needs.

Mentoring & Projects

Intermediate – Advanced
Intimate creative intelligence coaching for senior management and project teams.

Workshops & Walks

Intermediate – Advanced
Specialised creative intelligence workshops for small to medium sized groups.

Lectures & Keynotes

Beginner – Advanced
Creative Intelligence talks for corporate and public events.