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Creative Consulting with Marcus John Henry Brown

Creative consulting with MJHB.

MJHB is a creative consultancy founded by me, Marcus John Henry Brown. I create white label ideas that carry the name of my national and international clients. I use a mixture of observation, ideation, testing and over 20 years of experience, to create remarkable ideas for agencies and enterprise clients a like. It’s creative consulting that guides, coaches and manoeuvres my clients through the maze of modern communications. I help them focus on what makes sense for them and their business. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s finest clients. I’d like to work with you.

Creative consulting for agencies

Hire me to help win pitches, inspire staff and create and run war rooms that make unhappy clients smile again. Find out more about creative services for agencies. 

creative consulting for enterprise businesses.

Marcus John Henry Brown UG - Creative Consulting

Hire me to bring a breath of fresh air into your business. Discover new ideas for your sales, product development, communications and delight your potential customers. Dive in my creative services for enterprise businesses. 

Go on a MJHB
Creative walk

Marcus John Henry Brown UG - Creative Consulting

Get yourself out of the office and conference room trap and hire me to talk you up into the mountains, forests and moors. Have a look at creative walks now and come with me to hunt for remarkable ideas. 

Working with MJHB

Working with me has be described as invigorating, challenging, exhausting and highly effective. I’m admittedly, slightly unorthodox. I believe in the idea, the power of creative thinking and respecting the intelligence of your customers and clients. I believe in rigorous and honest debate. I believe in getting things finished. Here are five reasons I think you should consider working with me. 

I’m asked to work on extremely delicate projects that require absolute discretion, secrecy and non-disclosure. I never discuss my work with others. Your logo will never appear on my website. It will not appear in my credentials. I never submit my work for awards. So whether you’re an agency looking for help to win a pitch or you’re an enterprise client looking to inject a new lease of creative life into your team, your communications or even product development, you can rest assured that my lips are well and truly sealed. No one will ever know.

I sit on the outside of your organisation, moving from city to city, country to country: talking to fascinating people from all walks of life and working with a kaleidoscope of different businesses. I observe, test, make, discuss and investigate on your behalf and everything I experience feeds my creative muscle and therefore powers my ideas for you and your company. You gain access to over twenty years of experience and an unbridled hunger for remarkable ideas. I see things you never would.

When I’m working for you, I’ll only be working for you. Your business or communications problem is the only thing I’ll be focusing on until the work is done. I allow no distraction: solving your problem with creativity is the only thing on my mind. Although I run my business as if it were an agency I have no staff, no meetings and no reporting to do and can therefore solve problems swiftly and with the level of care and attention to detail that you and your business deserves.

If I think you’re wasting your time with me and that you’d better of working with someone else, then I’ll tell you. If I think that I’m too expensive for the problem that you’re asking me to solve, then I’ll tell you. If I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing, then I’ll tell you that too. Your calendar is too full to be messed around and your budgets too tight for the greedy.

Working with me can change the way you look at the creative process. The process can have a positive and invigorating effect on all parts of your business: from the way you do sales, position yourself in the market, organise pitches, and manage on-going client work. My clients feel that something subtle, yet distinctly positive changes in their organisation when they work with me.

Call me on: +49 (0) 151 623 713 87

Looking for fresh thinking? Want to have a chat about my creative services and how they can help you and your business? Like to go hunting for ideas on a creative walk? Call me and let’s have a chat.

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