FLEX by Marcus John Henry Brown
Design & Creative Direction: MJHB. Photo: Raimund Verspohl


Marcus John Henry Brown is a performance artist based in Munich. Born the son of lorry driving Scotsman, Marcus moved to Germany in 1993 having studied Art & Social context at Dartington College of Arts. He has over 25 years of professional communications experience and splits his time between mentoring young creatives, answering questions for brands, businesses and consultancies and creating performance art that hacks business contexts. He also teaches people the secrets of public speaking.

Brown has created a series of critically acclaimed performances. The series looks at the relationship and impact of technology, culture and commerce on society. The series includes:

The performances are aimed primarily for business and technology conferences or culturally interested audiences who want to experience something different and who want to change the world.


Here is a list of dates where you can catch one of Marcus’ performances. New dates for August, September and November 2019 coming soon.


He has created a creative mentoring program specifically for people who want to improve their creative thinking and discover a better way of finding ideas. The program which includes creative techniques such as creative walking is a hands-on making stuff scheme for people who want to get great things done.


Do you want to speak to international audiences, in English, on big international stages? Or have you been asked to give a presentation to your international peers or clients? Or maybe you simply want to brush up on your presentation skills? Then Marcus has created just the course for you. The speaker training course covers:

  • The dos and don’ts of keynote speaking
  • The secrets of the conference stage
  • Voice training and perfecting your English
  • How to hone your storytelling skills
  • How to build the perfect deck
  • How the master the audience


If you would like to book Marcus for a performance, creative mentorship or speaker training, you can get hold of him here:

Marcus John Henry Brown UG
Harthauser Str. 82.
81545 Munich

Telephone: +49 (0) 89 559 329 22

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