A Wicked Pack Of Cards The Poem


1 year later. The following post was published a year ago today. I published A Wicked Pack Of Cards a year ago today. I’m not sure how I feel about that. So much has changed. The world has changed. I have changed. I’m not sure about what kind of artist I want to be anymore. Not sure if I want …

Marcus John Henry Brown

Geboren in Großbritannien. Made in Germany. Ein offener Brief an Innenminister Herr de Maizière.


Sehr geehrter Herr de Maizière, Ich heiße Marcus John Henry Brown, wohne in München und ich bin leider in Großbritannien geboren. Verstehen Sie mich bitte nicht falsch: ich liebe Großbritannien. Ein Teil meines Herzens wird für immer Südwest-England (wo ich studiert habe), Schottland (Geburtsort meines Vaters) und den Cotswolds (wo Inspector Barnaby gedreht worden ist – läuft meistens auf ZDF Neo) …

That was the January 16 that was


I struggle with January: I always have done and always will. The first couple of weeks are always stuck in second gear, my mind is soft spongey and rubbish. Thankfully the phone started ringing on the 7th and kick started me back into the year and a working frame of mind. Let’s be honest though, it was a rough month, …

One Year of Marcus John Henry Brown

One year later.


A year ago this coming Friday I signed the papers that founded my little company. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that I’m not only still going but appear to be doing rather well and I’m pleased to say that I’m honestly enjoying the experience of owning and running my own business. It’s not all been plain sailing, obviously but …

No excuses.


I’m asked quite regularly to speak at conferences. It is something I really enjoy doing and I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at some really special events. There is something of a “speaking circuit” out there, (people actually have speaking agents – I don’t) and you’ll often spot the same old faces talking about the same old things in adverts …

re:publica 2015


I was lucky enough to speak at the re:publica last week. The re:publica is kind of a three day conference, happening, event and I really enjoy going there. It’s quite big: this year they had 7000 visitors from 23 different countries. 44% of the visitors weren’t male. They had a wonderful little play area for kids right bang in the …

Ray Cokes and Marcus Brown

Creative collaboration with Ray Cokes.


You may have noticed that I very rarely speak about the work I do and who I’m working for or with. I tend to leave the press releases, pitch win announcements and award ceremonies to the others. You could be forgiven for thinking that The Black Operative Collection isn’t in fact a work of fiction but actually what I do …

Online Marketing Rockstars 2015

You should maybe go to the next Online Marketing Rockstars


There is one very important and glaringly obvious thing that’s needs to be discussed before I knuckle down and write the rest of what I’m presuming will be a surprisingly positive post about an online marketing conference. As Peter Breuer pointed out, it is very difficult to say the name of the conference without bursting out laughing and you’d be hard …

MJHB For the old in Advertising

For the old in advertising


Originally published on Medium. I must admit that I am a little surprised by the amount of attention “for the young” has been receiving, and it would be ungrateful and impolite not to say a quick word of thanks to all those who have shared, liked and recommended the post: thank you all. Here, however, is a post for the …

MJHB on for the young of the intdustry

For the young in advertising


Posted originally on Medium. 2017 update. This post seems to be attracting some attention again (many thanks to those of you who have rediscovered and shared it). In the interest of fairness, I also wrote something for the aged working in the industry which you can find here. If you’re young and work in advertising, marketing or PR, then there’s …